I have a friend who wants to impress a date by taking her to Boise's "MOST EXPENSIVE" restaurant. I know some nice restaurants, but what's particularly "expensive"?

I mean, when you think fine dining in Boise, a few usuals come to mind, right? Like Chandler's, Barbacoa, Fork... I mean the list goes on and on. If you were specifically looking to dine at the MOST expensive restaurant in Boise, what would it be? Yelp listed Ruth's Chris Steak House at the top of their list but I don't know that it's necessarily true. Chandler's is an amazing steakhouse with the prices to suggest so. Barbacoa has one of the greatest meals I've ever had in my life (the flat rock steak) but I didn't think it was overly expensive. Ruth's Chris, though... That's a chain restaurant. What about local? Is there a local eatery that has so much pride in their food that they would make it more expensive than any other spot in Boise?

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I never looked at dating this way, though it may be a good way to impress. By taking a woman to the MOST expensive restaurant. Either that, or she'll think he's too flashy and spends recklessly and won't want to make a husband out of him. But that's neither here nor there. What I was asked, was to help figure out what the most expensive restaurant in Boise was. Any ideas? Feel free to message us in the Mix 106 app or through our Facebook page!

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