Over the past few weeks I have been using my Instant Pot more and finding out just how easy it is to create delicious food. Savannah convinced me probably six months ago that we should purchase one and we only used it a few times. For some reason I got tired of looking at it and wanted to put it to use and found some of the easiest recipes and the food come out tasting delicious.

So, as we start 2019 with most of us looking to put cleaner or healthier foods into our bodies here are three recipes that I have tried at home and know to be easy and will you want to come back for more.

My first suggestion would be Instant Pot Lemon Pepper Salmon that I got from the website wholesomelicious.com. The total cook time was 15 minutes and the Salmon genuinely tasted restaurant quality,.

The second recipe that I would recommend for you would be a whole rotisserie chicken in your Instant Pot made in about 45 minutes, the recipe is from lifemadesweeter.com. Obviously be careful with the seasonings you put on the chicken, those are often made with lots of sugar or salt or both.

Lastly I love how easy the Instant Pot is to make perfect hard boiled or soft boiled eggs. I got this recipe from damndelicious.net, and in just 6-7 minutes some fantastic hard boiled eggs were done.

These are just three of the very simple recipes I found online that really do taste great and are helping me to use my Instant Pot more while eating clean. If you have any recipes that you recommend please send them my way!

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