I love to eat clean and healthy as much as possible but there always seems to be some type of obstacle/excuse: I'm too lazy to cook, I don't know what to cook, it's too expensive, I don't have the time... etc. The list goes on!

I've been searching high and low for a local meal prep service for months now - specifically one that won't break my bank! I think I've finally found one. The Idaho Statesman reports a new meal prep service has opened a store in Meridian called LeanFeast. It's located on Eagle Road, near Trader Joe’s.

According to their website, LeanFeast offers more than 4,500 healthy, fresh, and affordable meal prep combinations in the form of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  "You can order online for next-day grab-and-go pickup for your convenience, or you can stop by the store and build one or 20 meals."


I checked out it for myself doing a mock order on the LeanFeat website. I was expecting to get hit with a minimum order or subscription type deal but that never happened! It was actually quite straightforward and simple. I was pleasantly surprised by the total price too.

When ordering from the LeanFeast menu you'll first select your protein if you're going with the custom meal plans. Then you'll choose your carbs and your vegetables. Everything is calculated out for you as well - from macros to serving sizes which can save you so much time if you're someone who tracks that.

There are also “daily crush packs” that include a 4-ounce meal, protein bar, and drink for $14.50. You can also purchase bulk-quantity “prep packs" that are great for the whole family.

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