Having my own kitchen garden would be the dream. I mean it really doesn't get much healthier or satisfying to be able to grow your breakfast, lunch, and dinner all from your own individual garden. But if you're like me the big question is HOW?! Where do you even start?

Gold Feathers Gardens, Boise’s first and only kitchen garden coaching and consulting business, is partnering with Boise Co-Op to present an online workshop on plotting your own garden based around one week's menu. You'll learn about seasons, plant sizes, tending and harvesting. If you're someone who isn't sure about where to start when it comes to raised bed vegetable gardening, this workshop is perfect for getting started in growing fresh and healthy food.

Meal planning is great - if and when you do it right. I'll be honest some weeks are more successful than others. It really depends how good the menu is for me. I also believe that if I do have meals thought out ahead of time, I would know exactly what I would need to plot in my kitchen garden instead of just doing everything random with the chance of anything going to waste.

If you are personally interested in learning more about raised bed vegetable gardening, you can register online! The workshop is happening this week on Thursday, April 8 at 6 p.m. via Zoom. Once you sign up, you'll be sent a calendar invite for the workshop and the meal plan worksheet to fill out before the event as well.

Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park

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