Most people who read this are current or former residents of Idaho and know just how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the county. There is so much to do and see here in Idaho which is why our population is growing so fast right now. Even with all the growth in Idaho you will always find some of the nicest people, although there are always some things you can do to annoy people from Idaho. earlier this month came up with the 9 Foolproof Ways To Make Someone From Idaho Cringe, which made me want to add to the list so here we go, the Top 10 Ways To Annoy Someone From Idaho:

  1. Say you just moved here. While people from Idaho are very passionate about the Gem state, most would prefer if you visited and then went back home.
  2. Leave a mess in our public spaces. Residents of Idaho have no problem being vocal if you leave a mess for someone else to clean up.
  3. If you can't pronounce names of cities within Boise. Lots of people say Boi-zee, and almost all Idahoans know it's Boi-see. Practice Coeur d' Alene too.
  4. Whine about the weather. We live in Idaho and we have some cold temps in the winter and hot temps in the summer. Appreciate all four seasons!
  5. There is more to Idaho than potatoes. We've all heard it for years that 'Idaho is famous for potatoes'. But there is a lot more going on than just potatoes.
  6. Say there is nothing to do here. As mentioned in #4, we have all four seasons, enjoy that we can adventure outdoors and there is a lot to explore.
  7. Don't know where we're located. For some reason when you talk to people from other parts of the U.S. they often think Idaho is near Iowa or Ohio. It's not that hard to look at a map.
  8. Be a jerk. As mentioned at the top of this article, Idaho truly has some of the nicest people on this planet. Just remember The Golden Rule when in Idaho.
  9. Talk negatively about Idaho. The people who live in Idaho are for the most part great people who truly love where they live. They choose to be here for a reason.
  10. Say that you don't like Finger Steaks or Fry Sauce. Both are here in Idaho and both are delicious if you don't like them, something is wrong with you.

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