A lot of people think that Idaho is just a bunch of potatoes. In fact, there’s an actual conspiracy theory out there saying that Idaho doesn’t even exist. And residents are “paid” to say that they are from there.


But, those of us who live here (especially multi-generational Idahoans, like myself) definitely know it’s a lot more than outsiders assume.


It also is home to MANY nationally ranked businesses.


So, Here is a list of the top 10 nationally recognized Idaho-based companies:



Nationally Known Companies You Didn't Know Were From Idaho

Gallery Credit: Hannah Shippen, Townsquare Media


Every Idaho Company Should Do THIS To Improve Their Workplace

We’re ready to put on pajamas and get back to work.

Gallery Credit: Stephanie Gull


Who Employs The Most People in Boise?

Let's take a look at the companies in Boise that employ the most employees according to Boise Valley Economic Partnership and the Idaho Department of Labor.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas


KEEP LOOKING: See what these Idaho company logos looked like then and now

It's fascinating to see the evolution of a brand that you interact with regularly. Sometimes, the changes are subtle, and sometimes their not. Check out how these companies that Idahoans see nearly every day have modified their look over the years.

Gallery Credit: Marco

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