Bottles up as we head into the Vice Presidential debate which starts at 7:00 MT. Here's the official drinking game!

Alright, so tonight is the night! The Vice Presidential Debate! Current VP, Mike Pence V VP hopeful Kamala Harris. Look, this is 2020... Don't we need a drinking game to get us through this election cycle?

Here are the rules, according to Washintonian Magazine:

Use your drink of choice!

For Pence, take a drink if the VP:

  • Mentions "Mother" (his wife)
  • Shakes his head while Harris criticizes Trump
  • Brings up how Biden & Harris fought during the Democratic debates
  • Emphasizes the need to "restore American values"

For Harris, take a drink if she:

  • Criticizes Pence on his record as head of the Coronavirus Task Force
  • Says "Nobody is above the law"
  • Brings up Trump's Covid diagnosis
  • Has a mic drop moment

Drink when either:

  • Says "The United States of America"
  • Says "the great state of _____"
  • Describes their running mates health as "excellent"
  • INTERRUPTS or insults the other (if this is anything like the Trump/Biden debate, this will get you wasted so drink responsibly)

Finish your drink IF:

  • Trump becomes incapacitated and becomes acting President during the debate!

Look, this is a very divisive time and I'm not trying to perpetuate any negativity or conflict, but I do hope that we can find some enjoyment in a very dark/stressful time, whichever side of the aisle you're on. I'll be happy to know that households around the Treasure Valley will be able to take a drink and have a few moments of laughter with this drinking game.

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