There are hundreds of pets in shelters across the Treasure Valley right now, waiting for an awesome home like yours.  And it's National Pets Day, so today is the perfect day to go get one, like our super cuddly and slightly spazzy Libby.  Have you browsed through these shelters?

We stumbled upon Libby one Saturday afternoon as we were out doing errands, and the girls fell in love with her.  A shelter group had cages set up at a pet store and we got completely sucked in, which is precisely why most parents run fast the other way when they're within a fifty foot radius of cute dogs that need homes.  But we had been looking and talking about adding a new pet anyway, so it all worked out.

Libby is a Mini Pin-Chihuahua mix and there may be a couple of other blends in there too, we're not too sure.  All we know is that she's always happy, she has lots of energy but not so much that it's annoying, and she's the best lap dog ever.  We call her boomerang because we have to gently push her off when we'd like to get up off the couch, and the minute we sit back down again she comes right back to us like, well, a boomerang.  She knows our daily routine, goes outside when she has to go, she listens better than the kids do, and she loves us.

I can't imagine Libby with any other family, and I don't like thinking about what might have happened to her if we had not stumbled upon the pet rescue group's adoption event that day.  Dogs are euthanized every day, and the only way we can keep that from happening is to adopt, adopt, adopt.

Check out these places today so little squirts like Libby can have a great life full of treats, back yards, and cozy laps.

Idaho Humane Society

4775 Dorman St.
Boise, Idaho 83705

Open 7 days a week. 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  They've also got the Petsmart-enhanced adoption site at 130 N. Milwaukee St. in Boise, and that's open Monday - Sunday too.

West Valley Humane Society:

5801 Graye Lane - Caldwell

They're open Monday - Saturday from 11am to 7pm.  They'll also be at Petsmart in Meridian this Saturday, April 15th, from 11am to 3pm with plenty of pets up for adoption.

Fuzzy Paws Rescue

Locations throughout Idaho, with opportunities to foster and adopt. They're part of the Amazon Smiles program too, if you'd like to donate.  Look HERE to see the sweet faces up for adoption.



Whether you adopt a dog or a cat, big or small, you will be the highlight of that pet's whole life.  Think they understand you saved 'em?  I do.  And they will love you more.

Oh, and as you run out to adopt, give your current pets an extra treat and a squeeze today.  They are awesome too.  Happy National Pets Day!

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