Parents on TikTok are making their accounts private after realizing their social media content could be exposing their children to online predators.

One mom on TikTok has even gone viral for spreading awareness about why she refuses to reveal or share photos and videos of her children on the internet anymore.

TikTok user Sarah, a.k.a. @mom.uncharted, uses her platform to call out people who use their children for fame, clout and social media recognition. She believes children cannot adequately advocate for themselves or give consent when it comes to their online privacy.

Her biggest concern is how many predators lurk online and might be saving photos and videos of children that are posted on the internet.

In a TikTok video that has gone viral, Sarah points out how dangerous this can be.

"Take a minute and think about how we, as a society, have normalized and accepted grown adults, specifically males, following children, specifically females, on social media," she says. "Every day, I see grown adult men commenting and liking the photos of little girls — following them, engaging with them. And the parents who are running these accounts seem to have no problem with this."

Sarah says that as a society, "a lot of people don't have a problem with this because no one is saying how f---ed up and weird this has actually gotten."

"The thought of one grown adult, a stranger, like, following my child online and liking their image and following other children who look aesthetically the same is so bizarre and creepy to me," she continues. "I can't even fathom there are parents who are actually allowing millions of adults, again, specifically men, to follow their little girls online."

Sarah's video also reveals some staggering analytics from the account of popular mom and daughter duo @Wren.Eleanor, who boast 17.5 million followers on TikTok — 77 percent of whom are female and 22 percent of whom are males over the age of 18.

Sarah's video has been met with alarm by other parents in the comments section.

"I used to have a private [Instagram] account for my children. When I started getting request[s] by single men to follow the account [it] was enough to delete the [account]," one TikTok user commented.

"I'm on teachertok, and if I mention I'm a K-5 education major in comments, I get at least one new adult male follower, and I have like four random videos," another shared.

"Can we not dismiss that grown women are also a risk to children too," someone else wrote.

In another viral video, India, a fellow TikTok mom who shares content under the handle @astral.apparatus2424, says she was unaware of the dangers and has now decided to stop posting videos and photos of her and her daughter.

After reviewing @Wren.Eleanor's account, she's advising other parents to stop posting their kids online as well.

"Starting with just the search of Wren Eleanor, look at some of the things that people have ... looked up," India says in a follow-up video, revealing one of the most common searches for "Wren Eleanor" is "Wren Eleanor eating a corn dog."

"Hmm, I wonder why a little girl's video of her eating a corn dog would be so interesting to a bunch of creepy old men," India says.

Another search term is "Wren Eleanor using a tampon."

"In this video, her mom teaches her how to use a tampon, and she's only 3," India explains, calling the content "completely inappropriate."

Many parents have now decided they will no longer share videos and photos of their children on social media. Some are even setting their accounts to private and prioritizing their children's safety by more closely monitoring who is engaging with their content.

However, other parents say they should not have to filter the content they post because of potential online predators.

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