There is a ton of discussion about what's being allowed for this year's Independence Day Celebration. Plus, the word has already gotten out there could be a shortage of fireworks this year (don't expect a ton of sales this year.)

What is the status of disposing of your Safe and Sane fireworks after you've safely enjoyed the 4th of July with family?

Don't You Throw Those Fireworks in the Garbage!

I live down the street from several police officers, Sherrif, and across the street from a firefighter. I still don't know the exact rules and thought it was important to give you the facts. Boise will pass 100 degrees on the big night and safety is paramount, for all of us.

Can I throw my Fireworks in the Garbage?

Yes, but you need to do the following.

  • Clean up and dispose of all used fireworks.
  • Purchase a bucket and fill it with water. Make sure to soak your used fireworks completely.
  • Don't recycle This is is regular garbage.
  • We've all had the firework that didn't go off (the dud). Don't be a hero. It's dead. Wait 15-20 minutes and soak it for disposal.

Foothills Ban on Fireworks

Don't. Fireworks aren't allowed in the Foothill and are unlawful to ignite any open flame in the same area. I still remember the one year you could see the Foothills burn from Lake Hazel and Five Mile in Boise. That was a very scary night as we watched Idahoans fight to keep their homes safe.

This is a great video to show at the house. Just tell your kids it's a Youtube video and they will watch it. This is also very informative.


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