I have arrived at one of those parenting conundrums and I need your help.  My 7 year-old son LOVES drawing.  He does great art...BUT...there's becoming too much of it. 

As we were cleaning up his room this weekend, I picked up - no exaggeration - a couple hundred sheets of paper with his artwork and added it to several hundred other papers I have stashed in a storage drawer.

He draws very interesting and intricate things - often sports teams and/or their arenas, sometimes transportation systems, car dealers, foods, and even comes up with bowl games and sporting events.  He does the signage for the event, the food stands, the scoreboards, and more.

What do I do with this?

It was taking over his room, I made him condense and clean up, but even as we finishing moving it into his "done drawer" (which is now full), there were various others, like the two taped to the dresser, we had missed.

The hard thing is I think they're all pretty amazing, and I love the idea of locking in the moment he's in, but there are literally too many papers to keep.  We've filled his walls, I have them in my office, but I guess I just need to know if I should/could get rid of some of them.

What do/would you do?  Ironically, I can throw away greeting cards (Christmas, birthday, whatever), but this one seems so much harder.

Sidenote:  We did get his bed made and stuffed animals arranged with no issues.  :)