Have you ever had "one of those days" where you just keep running into strange stuff?  I did last week, all in one day, as I went about my normal errands. 

First strange thing happened at Eagle Island Fred Meyer when I stopped to do some grocery shopping.  I parked across from a 1980's Corvette - admittedly, not a storage friendly car - who had an owner that determined to fix that problem with a little cardboard, some bungee cords, and storage containers.  In just minutes, you no longer have a sports car, but instead, a pickup truck alternative. 

As I left Fred Meyer, I ended up behind this BSU fan in the white pickup.  As I looked closer to read the window sticker I found words that you don't generally find together.  There is just something odd about the concept of "sexy grandmas," but more power to her. 

Finally, as I stopped to make a deposit (shout out to my credit union ICCU), I pulled up to the drive through lane, only to find a woman who had evolved it into a walk through lane.  She spent quite some time taking care of her banking, boldly defying the opportunity to use the pedestrian ATM just around the corner and instead making her transactions from the safety of her very modern invisible car.

It was just...odd.  All that in a matter of hours.

Have you found some Treasure Valley oddities while you've been out?  I'd love to see your pics.