We've got some serious questions about our fair state's taste in Thanksgiving side dishes. Based on the polls we've seen, we should be absolutely ashamed. 

Both Zippia and GrillCookBake.com put together a list of the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes in each state. While the two websites found different results for Idaho based upon their criteria, both results were equally embarrassing. According to Zippia, Idahoans look forward to their side salad the most. How boring!

Do you know what's even more boring than a side salad? Rolls. Just plain, old rolls. GrillCookBake.com crunched five years of numbers to determine that's Idaho's favorite side dish. We live in a state known for potatoes. Couldn't we at least show some interest in uber cliche mashed potatoes?!

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Pie wasn't in the running for this "honor" simply because it's considered a desert, not a side dish. If the pie is truly what you're looking forward to, you're in luck! According to MSN.com, the very best pie in Idaho is in our own backyard. When they broke down the best pie in every state, Boise Pie Co.'s Bourbon Pecan Pie came out on top.

Described as "toasted Bourbon pecans with a rich caramel-like filling baked inside our traditional crust," it's one of the three signature pies that Boise Pie Co. makes with Bourbon.

Unfortunately, if you're hoping to grab one for Thanksgiving you may be too late. According to their website, Boise Pie Co. is completely sold out for Thanksgiving Orders. They're planning to make as many extra pies as they can after making the pies that customers pre-ordered. Those extra pies will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis starting at 11 a.m.

If you're bummed you didn't make the order list, they suggest giving the shop a call this Friday or next Monday, November 22 to see if anything has opened up.

Granny C's is Yelp's second-highest-rated bakery for pies in Boise, but they've also stopped taking orders for Thanksgiving. Certified Kitchen + Bakery is the next highest-rated bakery STILL taking orders for Thanksgiving, but you need to move fast. They're closing their pre-orders on Thursday, November 18. They'll be happy to make you a Pumpkin, Pecan or Brown Bag Apple pie.

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