I'm moving to a new house right now and my whole life is in boxes.  Well, actually, I'm out of boxes and I'm waiting on a friend to respond to my begging and bring me more because she professes to have some sort of connection to the black market of boxes. I'll wait.

I was cleaning out the attic yesterday and ran across this old jewelry box that I had when I was twelve or thirteen and kept into high school.  I opened it up and took out a couple of polished rocks that my uncle Mel made into necklaces back in the day, and then I threw the jewelry box in the trash because it was full of junk.

Then my beloved 4-year old that makes this blog so frequently with her unique antics, dug it out of the trash and said, "Mama look!  Treasures!"

Do you see that little face on the upper right side of the box?  That's a little dude made out of panty hose scraps.  What in the world?!  Does anyone make those things anymore?  I don't remember if it was a home ec. project or if my sister and I got bored at home one day, or what.  But it makes me laugh.  I actually did NOT want to throw that little guy away, and my 4-year old decided it was creepy and tossed it in the trash.  She didn't even want to wait until her sister got home from kindergarten to show her.  So he's gone.

But there are lots of other little treasures inside, like old prom necklaces that just needed a little polish to knock the years off, and some clunky old rings that the girls are having fun playing with.  There's also a tacky key chain with fake money hanging on it, and some necklaces that I made out of plastic straw pieces and twine.  If only Pinterest had existed back then.  These would have become so much more popular!

I'm sure I'll find more junk/treasure as I continue to pack and move and I'll be sure to put the entertaining stuff on the blog cuz I know your day just won't be the same without this important stuff!

Now carry on. :-)

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