The same names keep coming up over and over on arrest records in Idaho, but one name appears more than all the others. See if it's yours.

Protection1 looked at thousands of arrest records and compared the names on those reports with the most popular baby names from the Social Security Administration, and came up with the list of names by state the most commonly recur on crime stats.

And the big winner in Idaho is... Jeremy.

Do you work with a guy named Jeremy?  I do.  Two of them.  And they're awesome and would never hurt a flea.   But if any other Jeremys walk in the room it could be a different story.

Jeremy is the top criminal name in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, West Virginia, Illinois, and Michigan too.  It's the most common name for criminals overall in the US, so Idaho is right in line with that.  Randy, Terry, Bobby, Bryan, Christopher, and Brandon also made the top 20. That list sounds like a rundown of messages on my dating app.  Yikes.

Alan is the most common name for murderers across the US. Shh....everybody act cool.  Alan just walked in.

Names that start with “J” and names that end with “y” dominate the top 20 list of criminal names.  Remind me not to start going by Jenny.  Or Johnny, Jeremy, or Jerry.

On the Protection1 website they offer the chance to do a search with our own names, to see if we have a name that's common among those in jails and courts.  I plugged in "Jennifer," and it turns out quite a few Jennifers commit robbery and drug-related offenses.

Click the link above to see if there are people ruining your good reputation.  And if your husband's name is Alan, I'm sure everything will be just fine.

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