Yikes!  And awesome!  How great would that be, to have enough wealth that you have a million bucks leftover to manage your eyelashes and cellulite issues.

Would ya?  

I am such a coupon-clipper and discount-seeker that I probably would never spend $50,000 on breast enlargement cream, or $2000 per month on laser light treatments. But this article says Jessica Simpson does that and more.

Jess allegedly also has a stylist that comes over to the house twice a week to maintain and tweak her eyelashes, at $500 each time.  And she trains with a personal trainer three times per week, at $1500 per session.  Anyone suddenly want to be a personal trainer?  Then there are all the beauty creams and potions, and eye shadows, liners, and powders...  All of us girls know it adds up quickly, and for Jessica Simpson apparently it adds up to seven figures.

For us bargain hunters, all of that money on beauty is a little hard to comprehend.  I spent $100 on a small jar of face cream because QVC talked me into it and I love it, and I'll spring for a mani-pedi-eyebrow wax every two or three weeks, but I feel a little guilty about those things.  And then I think a girl needs to take care of herself and feel good right?  Or at least look like we've found the time for a shower?  Plus I always feel like Oprah would approve of the slight pampering.  She always liked it when a mom took time for herself. Confidence is good and beauty treatments breed confidence.  Maybe that's what Jessica Simpson is ultimately after.

I'm just not so sure about the $50,000 boob cream.

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