The older I get and the more I travel, the more I notice that I'm a particular kind of person. For a while I thought it was just me... then I noticed that a lot of other Idahoans share my same values. As an lifelong Idaho resident there are a few things I'd never even dream of doing. What about you? Do you agree that we should never do these?

According to Only in Your State, a true Idahoan would never:

  1. .....pronounce Boise wrong. It's Boy-see not Boy-zee!
  2. .....pick a pool over the lake. Almost any Idaho Lake is way better in the summer than any pool and don't even get me started on Redfish Lake or Payette Lake.
  3. .....pass up on buying snow tires. Although I guess we didn't really need them this's always good to follow the Boy Scout Motto: "Always be Prepared."
  4. .....pick out an outfit before checking the weather. Our weather truly is unpredictable...unless your like me, then I have two seasons. From March 1 to November 1 it's shorts season. From November to March it's pants season..It's worked for me for the past 15 years.
  5. a Christmas tree from a store. Why would we when we can chop one down ourselves?
  6. .....stay inside all winter. There's too much skiing, Ice fishing, snowmobiling (you get the idea) to do!
  7. .....stay inside all summer. There's too much hiking, boating, golf, biking (you get the idea) to do!
  8. .....drink imported beer. Why drink something else when some of the best breweries in the country are here in Boise...places like Sockeye, Payette, and 10 Barrel breweries are all within walking or biking distance?
  9. .....tell people to move here. We love our state... but stay out. (just kidding...not really)
  10. .....mess up the Idaho pronunciations. Here's the test: can you say "Coeur d'Alene" or "Pend Oreille" without batting an eye?
  11. .....complain about the cost of living. C'mon - with the increase in population things are getting more expensive, but we've still got it pretty good here.
  12. .....move away and never come back. We'd be crazy to leave, but if you're like me and move away for a will find a way to get back!
  13. .....Never take the time to venture away from the bright lights of the big city to see the bright lights of the Milky Way. It's shocking just how bright and beautiful that the sky is once you get away from city lights littering your view. So many people never get a view like that, but here in Idaho that view is just a short drive away. If you want a really amazing view try a clear moonless might at Bogus get the beauty of the skies and the amazing lights of the entire Treasure Valley below.

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Credit: Gabe Garcia,
Credit: Gabe Garcia,

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