Hearing a story like this is just heartbreaking, you know those Boy Scouts worked very hard to earn the $13,000 that was stolen out of their bank account. The first details were reported by KBOI, and there was a 44-year-old Eagle man that has been charged with felony grand theft.

The criminal complaint states that Andrew Shenk took the money from Boy Scouts of America No.77.

The funds went missing beginning in November of 2018 and continued through February of 2019. Although Shenk was booked into the Ada County Jail on Tuesday he has since been released. His next court date will take place on May 28th.

If in fact he is convicted of the crime lets hope he has to pay back all of the funds he took and then some, The real losers in a case like this are the Boy Scouts that put a lot of effort into making that amount of money,

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