This is me standing up with applause to our local businesses like The Mode Lounge 👏👏👏 April is child abuse prevention month and the mode is doing something for customers while giving back to the kids.

The Mode Lounge created a brand new drink called, "The Pinwheel Cocktail." Order this tasty treat and $1 dollar goes back to the Idaho Children's Trust Fund. That is just class.

April is a big month for so many people because it seems like the only time people address child abuse. I know the first responders have to handle situations daily, but it's not a topic of discussion to most people.

We have a massive event with details to be announced just hours away. I've been doing stuff around child abuse prevention for the last 14 years and it's exciting to see how Idaho's efforts to stop abuse have surged.

The Mode Lounge deserves a ton of credit for working with such a great organization as Idaho's Trust Fund. The Pinwheel is the symbol that represents the kids in April. Please tag me if you walk through and purchase one of those drinks. Just a great after-work chill moment with some friends and your money goes back to helping children.

The Pinwheel Cocktail

  • Plymouth Gin
  • Lillet Blanc
  • Blue Curacao
  • Lemon Juice
  • Honey

The team at the Mode Lounge is working with a ton of great people that devote 100% of their time to protect children across Idaho. We are lucky to have them. You can also order one of these curbsides for something they call, Curbside Cocktails. I'll be writing about that shortly.

Enjoy and thanks for giving back to all those kids.

The Mode Lounge is located in Downtown Boise at 800 W Idaho Street.

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