I feel like we were holding out hope for some good news that at least the Western Idaho Fair would still be ready to roll this Summer. I guess we can let go of that dream as the news just came down.

The 2020 Western Idaho Fair has been canceled. That means no carnivals, no shows, and now Ice Cream Baked Potato. You can't even go win a Goldfish.

I was thinking about this last night and it took me back to all the experiences over the 13 years of living in Idaho. I called Director, Bob Batista during the show on Tuesday to find out more.

It's more than anything about safety Keke and that's where we based all this on. At some point we got to say like any business person would, safety first and financially we need to take a look at can we survive this under the circumstances we were trying to do it knowing that human behavior probably wasn't going to be on our side as you watch people go through this period of stage four and opening up. So, it was something we took two-fold both financially and safety wise.

No annual elephant ears for you this year. Bob promised the Western Idaho Fair will be back in 2021. I asked for Bruno Mars and Lizzo to be added to that list 😀

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