It's prom season in the Treasure Valley (or you're a grown up ready for a night out), and you want to impress your date (with your parent's money). From fun to frivolous, here are 5 the best options!

1. Barbacoa: Let's just get this out of the way... Barbacoa is fantastic, it's interesting, it's fun, it's obviously one of the coolest options in Boise if you've got the dough on prom night (Get the flat rock steak, you won't regret it!)

2. Izumi Japanese Steakhouse is a really FUN option because it's hibachi! Hibachi is a Japanese style cuisine where your food is cooked right in front of you at your table by a chef that's typically pretty entertaining. 10/10 would recommend this fun and excitement!

3. Chandler's: Okay, maybe you're lookin' for pure class in Boise on prom night. Chandler's is the way to go. Make sure your manners are in tact and your wallet is ready cause this, my friend, is fine dining!

4. Sid's Garage: This is where you go when you're the type of person who believes "the phone eats first!" Sid's garage is new at The Village and is known for their incredible burgers, and monstrous, out-of-this-world shakes. A PERFECT prom night restaurant for the group that wants something fun, and something they can post pictures of on Instagram.

5. Epi's: If you want to show your date you're a bit cultured, take her over to Epi's in Meridian and enjoy a nice, Basque dinner. It's one of the best around and you and your date are sure to enjoy a nice, intimate meal that you'll never forget.

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