If you don’t follow Humans of New York, than Tanqueray might be a new name for you. However, if you do happen to follow or enjoy stories of HoNY, then you’ve probably seen quite a few posts (33 to be exact) about the enigma that is Tanqueray.

For a little background, Tanqueray is the stage name of Stephanie, a former dancer who has lived quite a life and has the stories to prove it. A few months ago she was interviewed for HoNY and shared a couple stories from her past that captivated followers. I certainly remember having an immediate emotional reaction and curiosity about the wild life she lived. It helps that each little story comes with some pictures, old and new, that really helps you imagine what life might have been like at a different time. Stephanie is older now with failing health, which led to Brandon XXX, the brainpower behind HoNY, to do a much more in depth interview with Stephanie about her life as Tanqueray.

In her life, she’s had several brushes with fame and success as well as heartache and trauma, and it’s hard to not get invested in her story. He digs deeper by also exploring her private life as Stephanie and how she coped with life off the stage. His intention was to share her story as a part of her fundraiser to help her pay for her extensive medical bills. The goal was to raise 1 million and at this point in time, that goal has been more than doubled! However, beyond just fundraising, by sharing her story, it really feels like her legacy will live on. If you wanted a good read today that gives you all the feels, check out her story on Humans of New York Instagram or Facebook. You’ll be glad you did!

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