My girls have been begging for a companion dog for our beloved Harry for months, and I finally caved after reading an article about why dogs make great Christmas gifts for kids.  But is this really a good idea? She's chewing up stuff.

I captured a sweet moment with Libby all curled up next to Harry to prove to myself that this crazy idea of adding another family member could actually be a good thing. They're sweet together!  Sometimes.  Harry is an 11-year old black Mini Schnauzer, and Libby is a brown and tan Mini Pinscher and Chihuahua mix that's just 5 months. She wants to play and chew, and he wants to rest.  They're good for each other.

My girls love Libby.  (They're 7, 6, and 4.) LIbby was born around the 4th of July, so my 7-year old asked to name her something that reminded us of the holiday and initially she said, "How about Fireworks?!"  I suggested Liberty instead, and we could call her Libby.  And for once the girls agreed that Mama had a good idea and that's what we settled on.

I feel great about the rescue and adoption process.  So many awesome dogs need homes, and I love that we've been able to provide one.  But I don't feel great about the poop!  She's had a few accidents in the house since she joined us a week ago. She's still a pup and she's learning and I'll try to be patient.  And yesterday I noticed some chewing evidence on a couch cushion.  Dang it! Libby needs a middle name quick, so I will have more power to scream when I discover mischief.  Libby Jane, what have you done!!! That may be it.  Or Libby Fireworks.

Are you getting your kids a dog for Christmas?  They're great for teaching the kids chores, and have lots of other benefits.   But Mama is usually the one who has to deal with the unpleasantries like accident cleanup and cushion repair.  Maybe you can relate.

Are dogs a good Christmas gift?  I hope so.