With how fast our cities have been growing year after year, it's not surprising that some serious conversations have to be had about the traffic and congestion.

The Idaho Transportation Department proposes to make Chinden Boulevard between Meridian and Caldwell, a six-lane divided highway by 2040.

They have a plan with time estimates to help with congestion and traffic until then. The first set of plans is to widen the highway to a four-lane divided highway between 2021 and 2032 and to six lanes by 2040. In all, the work would cost an estimated $350 million.

Funding is already in place to start construction in 2021 to widen one mile between Eagle and Locust Grove roads to four lanes.

Do you feel like you sit at yellow left hand turn signals for longer than necessary? They have a plan in the works to get with that too!

The Idaho Statesman reports the 3 construction phases we can expect to see with this project:

Near-term (through 2024): Widen six miles from Eagle Road west to McDermott Road to four lanes.

Mid-term (2025-2032): Widen 8 1/2 miles from McDermott west to Smeed Parkway to four lanes. Widen three miles from Eagle Road west to Linder Road to six.

Long-term (2033-2040): Widen 12 miles from Linder west to I-84 to six lanes.

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