A terrible crime happened in Boise back in the 1980s in a house that sits on Linden Street. The crime was that of murder so gruesome that the house itself is been notoriously referenced as Boise's "murder house."

On June 30th, 1987, a man named Preston Murr was shot in the shoulder during a fight with two other men. Murr attempted to escape the men and ran to the nearest neighbor's door to seek help. The neighbor did not answer the door but instead called the police.

After a second call from the neighbor the following morning, police showed up. First, they discovered trails of blood on the street and even blood smeared on the neighbor's door. They eventually entered the house where the altercation was reported coming from to next discover the murder scene.

It was determined that the two men, Daron Cox and Daniel Rogers, dragged Murr back to the house and shot him to death. The horror didn't end there though. They next chopped up Murr's body in pieces in order to dispose of it in the Brownlee Reservoir.

Once the body was found, Cox and Rogers were immediately apprehended and charged with murder. No one for sure knows what started the confrontation between the three men in the first place.

The house is still standing today, and is reportedly worth almost one million dollars! Several people have lived in the Murder House since the crime took place in the '80s. At one point it even served as a Boise State frat house.

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