If you love a festival with food as the focus, so do we!  They've been celebrating the greatness of the good ole cherry in Emmett for 85 years, and this is the weekend for the carnival, music, and the pit spitting contest.

They've been celebrating fruit with the Emmett Cherry Festival since the 1930s, and it's always the second week in June.  Most of the events happen in the Emmett City Park and they're expecting about 50,000 people to head to Emmett for events that run through Sunday.  They tell us it's one of the biggest free, family-friendly events in Idaho.

So when do we get to spit some pits?!  When I buy cherries at the grocery store I always put them in my favorite pottery bowl on the counter and set a little plastic cup next to it so the girls can walk by, grab some cherries, and spit some pits into the cup whenever they want.  At the Cherry Festival this weekend, they won't have to be so neat and tidy about spitting the pits.  Let 'em fly, girls!  The Cherry Pit Spit will be Saturday, June 15th at 12 noon on the courthouse front steps.

They've invited several bands to perform all weekend, including Grant Webb & the Grant Webb Band this Saturday night.  The concerts are free every night.

Other highlights of the Cherry Festival include the parade, the children's parade, the carnival, and of course, the shopping.  The Cherry Pie Eating contest will be Saturday from 2 to 3 pm and registration forms are available HERE.

Festivals.  One more reason we love summer!

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