The girls were out of school this week (kindergarten and preschool) so we decided to put up the Christmas tree.  We did it Monday. That's before Thanksgiving, but I don't care!

Since Thanksgiving is so late this year, waiting until after turkey day to put up the tree just seemed like we are being robbed of holiday time!  So we rebelled.  We're one of THOSE families.  At least we waited until November 25th.  One month before Christmas.

The Mix 106 Facebook page scolded me for putting up the tree so early.  What do you think?

You know what this is really about?  Time!  Mama had time to work on the tree Monday. And Mama won't have as much time this weekend.  I know you feel me on that ladies.  Get stuff done while ya can!  Rules be darned.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!  Eat a lot, drive safely, get after those sales, and put up the tree already!