It seems like I am always filling up on gas on my way to and from work. Now that Spring Break is coming to an end it felt like during the 7 days my son was off from school I did it more than usual. If you can relate,then question is already in your mind. Where can I find the cheapest gas?

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Of all the things to spend my money on, spending on gas although necessary is always a little depressing especially when it hiked up over 3 dollars. So i thought i would do a little research and help us all out. According to I looked at cities around the Treasure Valley, and this is what I found.

Boise. Cheapest is $1.87

Costco on Cole is the winner of the cheapest in the City.

Chevron on Broadway-$1.89

The Flying J on Federal Way- $1.91

Meridian- Cheapest is $1.93

Maveriks on W Ustick Rd and Ten Mile, Cherry Lane and Ten Mile, and Overland and Locust Grove ranks #1.

Fred Myers - $1.94 locations on Chinden and Linder and Farivew at Locust Grove

Chevron - $1.95 at the Ustick and Venable, Ten Mile and W. Pine Line, Overland and S. Locust Grove Ln.

Nampa- Cheapest is $1.91

Costco - N. Market Place and N. Midland Blvd

Maveriks- $1.93 on Karcher Rd and Middelton, 12th Ave & Lake Lowell, Franklin Rd & Tiegs Way, Franklin Blvd & Karcher Rd.

Phillips 66 - $1.93 on Garrity Blvd & E. Flamingo Ave

Eagle- Cheapest is $1.98

Tesoro- E. State St & N. Sherman Way has the least expensive gas in Eagle.

Chevron- $1.99 on S. Eagle Road & Inlet Bay Rd.

Shell- $1.99 W. State St.& Eagle Road

If you are out and looking for an easy way to find gas prices there is also an app you can download from their site. Every little bit helps right. -JD