RuPaul's Drag Race is far more than a reality competition show. Though not without its share of controversy, it is undeniable the show helped bring the world of drag into the mainstream. This culture of inclusivity, love, and fierceness draped in fabulous fashion and iconic wigs permeated the pop culture landscape in large part because of Drag Race. But did you know there is yet to be a contestant on the show who hails from Idaho?

These are the Idaho drag queens I'd love to see grace the show:

Lilith Skye

The self proclaimed High Priestess of the Crimson Court sports a beard and fierce goth vibes. I'm also living for the eyebrow game going on here.


It's the glam for me. Cyraphina's wardrobe alone is to die for. Plus she sings and her wig game is everything. I'd love to see her in a lip sync battle. She's also part of I.S.C.G.I., an organization who uses drag performance to raise money for local non-profits promoting justice, diversity, and equity.

Jazmyn J

Please enjoy the sassy fun that is Jazmyn J's Instagram. Gorgeous outfits, impeccable makeup and hair, and a flat out performer. I'm jealous on an I absolutely love her level.

It would be awesome to see some gem state representation on such a big stage. I do wonder if there will ever be a mainstream stage for drag kings. And if there ever is, I'd love to be on it. I've been perfecting my Angelo persona for decades.




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