They're fun & quirky, but bumper stickers can be dangerous.

Bumper stickers say the darndest things. They can tell you a person's favorite sports teams, where their kid goes to school, the kinds of music they like, what they do for a living, how big their family is, and more. Off the bat, that's a lot of private information to share with the world.

Not to be the fun police, but the truth is bumper stickers can make California drivers easy target for scammers and criminals.

Bumper stickers are like scammer and criminal calling cards. 

No one buys a bumper sticker they don't want others to notice, right? They're entertaining and expressive, sure. But they're also informative. Telling the world where your family vacations can signal how much money you make. The same is true of the hobbies and the private teams/clubs your kids play for.

Do you really want someone knowing if you don't have guns in your home? If you don't have any, you just made yourself an easy target. We don't want to cause paranoia, we just want everyone to be aware of what a bumper sticker can communicate about you to the craziest, most dangerous people in your area.

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