There is so much stuff that goes into making a football team tick.  Music is a big part of it, and helps keep energy levels up at practice.

What is the kicker doing with that iPad?  Oh, and the Broncos game may get bumped to a time that's a smidge later this weekend.  Here's why.

The Broncos kicker, Tyler Rausa, uses an iPad to watch and review his kicks during practice, so he and the snapper can look at angles and hyper-analyze where the ball is placed and where it's headed.  If the kicking game is off by a hair, the ball sails wide right and the team loses and fans are upset and the kicker feels terrible.  The iPad helps minimize the risk of that big stomach ache.  And he could probably tweet during practice if he wanted to.

The Idaho Statesman also points out the trouble ESPN has been having with games running late.  Sometimes a game starts on another channel because the first game runs long, and that could affect the Broncos this weekend.  They're saying the Boise State - Hawaii game on Saturday night could get pushed from 8:15pm to 8:26pm on ESPN2.  So plan on an extra eleven minutes to make a beer run and grab some chips.

Go Broncos!  We might watch you on our iPads.