Last year, we had two local boys on the Mix Morning Show who were trying to get their show added to HGTV's lineup. The Boise Boys, Clint and Luke did a pilot episode for HGTV and found themselves in limbo, waiting for results of viewership to come back. Thanks to high ratings for the pilot, HGTV signed them to a six-episode season to air this year. The new season begins this month!

Boise Boys

The original pilot episode ran back in May of 2017 on HGTV.  The network originally wanted to see if anybody would watch the show. The first episode had 1.3 million viewers making it one of the top ten shows on HGTV last year, so all of their hard work paid off.

Clint and Luke just announced on their Facebook page that the new Season of "Boise Boys" will begin on Wednesday, April 25th on HGTV.  Here's what they had to say on their Facebook Page:

"Best friends and home renovation experts,  Clint and Luke improve Idaho’s capital city with beautiful home transformations in HGTV’s new series Boise Boys, premiering Wednesday, April 25, at 11 p.m. ET/PT. The duo says they are an unlikely pairing of two very different people—Luke, a designer, is a “stylistic visionary” and Clint is a “getter-done” licensed contractor. The six-episode season will follow the pair as they renovate dilapidated properties into resale-ready homes. Their business is booming, but family comes first for Clint, the father of three, and Luke, dad to six.

“Boise is a great place with a small-town feel,” said Clint.



Luke agreed, adding “And every time we renovate and sell a home here, we’re making Boise even better.”


In the premiere episode, Clint and Luke will take on their biggest project to date—a rundown property in a coveted neighborhood with spectacular views of downtown. The renovation will be colossal, including repairing the crumbling roof, replacing the lead pipe plumbing and reimagining the outdated exterior. When torrential rains throw a wrench into the original design plan, the duo will work together to keep their profit margin afloat as renovation costs rise."

Congratulations, Clint and Luke! Your hard work paid off. Here's to hoping for bigger and better things.

Watch for Luke and Clint to be co-hosting with Mike on the Mix morning show the week of April 23, leading up to the debut of their new season! Keep listening to Mike on the Mix Morning Show for details. Who knows maybe I can get them to leak some inside information about the upcoming season.


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