I've been feeling really good about my transition to Idaho resident. I'm frequenting places recommended by Treasure Valley locals, meeting new people, and denouncing Vegas habits like drinking in the street and staying at bars past 2am. But the one thing I felt would cement my place as an Idaho resident is registering my car with Idaho plates.

Anyone who has ever watched a sitcom can attest that the prospect of a trip to the DMV inspires dread. And my personal experiences at the DMV have been less than thrilling. I literally spent an entire 7 hours waiting to register my car back in 2010. Every year since has cost me no less than 2 hours of my life at a time. So you can imagine I wasn't looking forward to this trip.

In Vegas you are allowed thirty days from the purchase of your car to get it registered. I was shocked and dismayed when I found out I had a measly 4 days in which to get my car, Cecile, registered. I lead a busy life! I have a job, two kids, and a husband who also works. Carving two to seven hours for a DMV trip is quite a task!

Having no other choice because my temporary tags would betray me, I had to go to the DMV today to get this registration done. I headed to the DMV on Franklin. From start to finish, I was there for 4 minutes. I'm aware that sounds insane and unbelievable, but according to my watch it really was. I've never seen fewer people at a DMV in my life. The fact that licensing and registration don't take place in the same building is probably what I have to thank for my quickie experience. Once at the window, the woman was on superspeed autopilot. Before I knew it she was handing me plates.

I've had more trying visits to the gas station. Is my experience unique? Or do all Idahoans have such pleasant experiences when registering their vehicles? Seriously, I've told all my friends and family about this. Will changing my license be this easy?


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