If you listened the Mike and Kate showgram this week, you heard them talking about different dating apps, like Tinder, Match.com, Farmers Only, and even an app for a-sexuals.  Basicly there really is a dating app of almost every type. But this may be, by far, the best dating app ever.  Unless maybe your are Jewish.

You know Mike's love of bacon, well Wednesday (9/16) Oscar Meyer introduced Sizzl the dating app for bacon lovers

Sizzl only matches you up with other people who are obsessed with bacon.

Obviously it's a marketing ploy, but it actually does match people based on their bacon preferences like whether they like it thick-cut, maple wood, chewy, crispy, or extra crispy.

The one thing it does do, if you're like Mike, he doesn't trust anybody who doesn't love bacon, so it gets rid of all the women with that particular psychological flaw.

Because remember as Mike is fond of saying, "bacon is the most sensual and passionate  of all the cured and salted meats"

You can download the app at FindBaconLove.com.  So far it's only available for iPhone users, but expect a download for Android users soon.