I love taking a stroll downtown Boise, I find something new or interesting all the time. The local shops and specialty stores though really make it extra special.

Downtown Boise is known for its food and drink, and I do not argue that. Along with loving to eat and get a refreshment downtown, I enjoy walking and looking at the shops. There are so many more then one might think.

From clever names like " Bun in the Oven" (children's store) to the City Peanut Shop, where every nut is roasted in all sorts of ways. A great guide I found is just taking a stroll BUT if you want something hard to look at for ideas of places to go you can head here. There are a couple of the Idaho and 208 stores as well as lots of eclectic stops as well.

Something to remember are the coffee shops are also good stops for shopping! Downtown Boise is full of great little coffee shops.



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