This was a popular event and luckily my friend Nicole was able to snag us a team. They were featuring butterbeer ice cream and treacle tart, two favorites from the "wizarding world".

There were some folks that dressed up and others that didn't. The lady running the trivia was dressed up like Bellatrix Lastrange and she did a really great job and so did my friend Nicole with her dark witch/Bellatrix style costume.

The trivia was more difficult at times then I thought it would be. The questions were either easy or super hard in my opinion. It was a busy event and so the ability to get to the front which was a way to win more prizes was difficult. It sounds like they will be doing more of these type of events. It was a fun atmosphere and as it continues to grow and shape I am sure to become even more enjoyable.

We didn't win but the Holyhead Harpies will be coming back!

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