I've gotten a little more reading done while in quarantine these last two months. Some of it is grazing, but I thought I'd share my favorites right now. I'm a sucker for a good book, the hardbound kind, because I'm old fashioned like that. 

1. Magnolia Table Volume 2 : I don't even like admitting that I like Joanna Gaines. I have been reluctant to jump on that bandwagon, but this cookbook is So Good! I make something out of it nearly every day. Among my favorites, her blueberry with rolls with lemon glaze, chicken parmesan, and silo cookies. To die for. Trust me, it is worth the $21 on Amazon.

2. Whiskey in a Teacup: While were on the subject of cookbooks, I'm a big Reese Witherspoon fan and her book "Whiskey in a Teacup" is a beautiful mix between classic southern recipes and lessons on how to be lady in the South. Perhaps I've always dreamed of being a Southern Belle. but I love this book. You can get the hardcover for $15.49 on Amazon.

3. Girl Wash Your Face: You know how I said I hated admitting I like Joanna Gaines because everyone loves Joanna Gaines, well, I feel the same way about the author of this book, Rachel Hollis, but I love Rachel Hollis. This book was so eyeopening to me It helped me embrace myself and love myself a little more. It's a must read for every woman. It's only $12.93 on Amazon.

4. Girl Stop Apologizing: The follow up to the Rachel Hollis smash hit is just as good if not better than "Girl Wash Your Face." As a woman who has said "I'm sorry" far too many times, it was a game changer for me in how I view all of my hopes, and dreams, and goals. $12.99 on Amazon.

5. The Four Agreements: I like to read this book about once a year. It contains every element of how I want to live my life. I'm not a religious person, but when I follow the Four Agreements, I'm pretty satisfied with how I live my life. I honestly think everyone on the planet should read this book. $6.48 on Amazon.

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