This weekend was a rough one for Nuggets fans. The team had fought so hard during the playoffs coming back from 3-1 deficits in two series only to be thwarted by the Lakers on Saturday. Then Sunday rolled around and the Eagles failed to best the Bengals. The game ended in a tie, which is arguably worse than a loss. You have to be a special kind of trash team to have an 0-2-1 record. I am part of both fandoms, so this weekend was especially disappointing.

With the Nuggets, it was more of a hope deferred makes the heart sick situation. I had a false sense of security based on the previous two series that they’d come back from behind and defeat the Lakers. I also employed my superstitious techniques regarding how I watch the game and what I wear to pass along good juju, but to no avail. Then Sunday a different type of disappointment came with the Eagles game.
They kicked off a season with a loss. The following game was also a loss. And any football fan can tell you, two straight losses to begin a season feels like a bad omen. You hope the third will turn the tide. But there Eagles were, not being able to secure a win. Not only that, the game tied. And somehow that’s more infuriating. If you’re not going to win, flat out lose. Don’t toy with my emotions.
Worse, the fandoms of the opposing teams live to rub my teams’ losses in my face all over social media. It’s not that I’m a bad sport about losing, but I don’t engage in sports trash talk online. So when I don’t respond they double post trying to bait me and it’s just annoying. Like, I know my team lost. I’m a fan. I clearly am aware.
I think I’m done watching sports for the rest of the year. Pandemic athletics isn’t the same anyway, so I’ve decided this sports season doesn’t even count. Are you a fan of a losing team which makes it difficult to cheer for them?

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