The 12 Days of ChristMIX Toy Drive is finally over and what an impact on the children you've made. Moug has been live in the Village at Meridian for almost 2 weeks during one of the worst times in our life.

I never thought we would see a time in which going out was dangerous. I'm very careful shopping for the obvious reasons of living in a pandemic with health issues that runs in the family. I have to be vigilant about that like so many other Idahoans and you still showed up.

Moug and Angie Mornings will have your total numbers shortly but what an impressive showing by the Treasure Valley. We really sit in uncharted territory where the coronavirus continues to break records every day and a vaccine is just being shipped. Go ahead and add all the other things you've been struggling with like unemployment, pay cuts, and the other health problems you already live within your family. Yet, you still rose above the occasion with toys.

I just wanted to say thank you because it really shows testament to why this place is the best. This community shows up for each other when it counts the most. It's unfortunate that politics made us forget that over the last year.

Courtesy: Instagram
Courtesy: Instagram

There is nothing more inspiring than watching kids like our friend Grayson. It's even more special to see that his mother purchased bikes because Grayson was sad that kids wouldn't have a Christmas. That is a very powerful teaching moment that will live with that family forever. I was able to have these conversations with my son who is almost 6 years old.

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Thanks to everyone who came out to support Moug and Angie Mornings' first major toy drive. We appreciate you spreading the word. There is one more thing you can do. Tell someone where to pick up these toys. I'll post up a link below on the days.

Congratulations to Moug and Angie Mornings! Great job and just think of all the kids you helped this Christmas. Amazing.

All equipment for Mix 106 12 Days of ChristMIX generously donated by Pacific North Contractors , with support from Giltner Transportation, Inc. , and Valley Wide Cooperative.

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