I wrote last week about the paranoia I've had (at 33) about my heart giving out, I've been having a pinching feeling occasionally and I finally broke down and made a doctor's appointment, though it's going to be a bit different than they were pre-pandemic.

Heads up when you're thinking about making a doctor's appointment; they're a little different in 2020. I made an appointment to meet with a primary care physician at St. Luke's and got the run down. The mail you the paperwork and you have to fax it back to them a week in advance to limit the amount of time you're in the office, you have to wear a mask when you're in the hospital or doctor's offices, and you can't bring your kids or anyone else with you like you used to.

The good news is, since they don't want to keep people around long for Coronavirus risks, they seem to be doing a lot to get you in and out quickly, which is great. I hesitated making an appointment because I know how busy hospitals have been but everyone keeps telling me not to mess around with heart stuff and the anxiety about it has started to bug me quite a bit. There were two people I knew who died at 31 from heart complications and I have another friend who had a heart attack at 33 who survived it. My fiance's dad passed away at 41 from heart issues, plus I've had family members with heart related issues so now I'm like ya know what, let's get in and see a doctor and make sure we're good.

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