If you were part of the thousands who packed in to Expo Idaho on Saturday, you helped make Idaho's largest one day music event - Boise Music Festival - a huge success. 


We were so excited to have a chance to meet you at the Mix Tent, hook you up with new Mix Gear, and help you get backstage to meet your favorite Mix Artists in person.


The music was amazing, as Austin Mahone got the crowd going crazy.  Hey Violet brought their incredible voices and, for many of us, we got to know one of our new favorite bands.

Sean Kingston was amazing with so many awesome summer party throwback songs (you forget how many big songs he had until you hear another one start and get excited to hear it).

The Band Perry showcased what talented musicians and incredible song writers they are, and there was no other way to describe FloRida than amazing on stage.  He brought it big time. 


I even had the chance to be a stand in for the meet-n-greet photos.  Strangely, no one wanted a picture with me, so, it was just this.


I have duties at one of our other stations too, so it was quite a relief to find my twin had arrived to help spread the work around a bit.  :)

Thank YOU for being a part of such an amazing day.  I would love to see your pics and hear more about your experience too!


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