Ten special families got to go shopping for groceries this week and someone else picked up the tab, and not only did they get some free cereal and strawberries but they also ended up with another huge surprise in the process.  

Eckrich and Albertsons teamed up this week to give some Treasure Valley military families a boost with a $300 grocery shopping spree.  And at the end of it, the families were also surprised with another $1000 Albertsons gift card.  Some of the families at the event said finances can get a little tight, so they were very grateful for the big give. They might be able to take care of monthly needs for awhile, and Thanksgiving dinner too.  Nice!

And why stop there.  KTVB says Boise State football superstar Ian Johnson was there along with the BSU cheerleaders and Buster Bronco to make it even more festive.  The Broncos helped give out the extra $1,000 gift cards.

Albertsons just wanted to say thanks to these military families for all they've sacrificed over the past few years.  Some did tours of duty in Iraq and others served overseas more recently, and it was a great opportunity to honor all of them with some food love.

This might be proof that when you see Buster Bronco in full mascot gear in a grocery store, something pretty cool is happening.  And a reminder to pick up some chips and dip for the Boise State-Wyoming game this weekend!  The game is Saturday at Albertsons Stadium.




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