Oh, no big deal.

Some Idaho high school students have been collecting music and movies to send to outer space in a pretty amazing time capsule, and when Taylor Swift heard about it she sent a little something to include. Surprise!

Imagine opening the envelope with a Taylor Swift return address, and finding an autographed 1989 CD inside.

Nothing gets by Taylor Swift.  She heard that some high school students in Rathdrum in northern Idaho, were collecting music, movies, and memorabilia to put into a time capsule and send to outer space, and she decided to contribute.

The teen wonder team is working to launch their satellite after winning a NASA mission award, and they've got a Kickstarter campaign going to make it all happen.  And now they're getting help from huge celebs like Taylor Swift, who wants to have her album uploaded into the satellite.

How will it work?  The little CubeSat will communicate with another satellite to allow Internet users to access Project Da Vinci's content, so we can all keep up with the project.  These kids are smart!  They want space to become accessible to more people, and they're breaking ground that most of us never knew existed.

They hope to launch the satellite next summer.  Taylor Swift has performed everywhere in the world, but this will be her first tour of outer space. Nice work Idaho teens, nice work.

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