Maybe you heard that Target is doing away with signs that separate the boys' stuff from the girls' stuff.  And here's why one woman may be to thank for that.

A few weeks ago a woman in Ohio tweeted a photo of a sign in the Target toy section that said, "Building Sets," and underneath it said, "Girls' Building Sets."  The image went viral and opened up the conversation about the lines between the genders.

Now Target says it will get rid of signs that differentiate between boys' and girls' items in several departments, including Toys, Home, and Entertainment.  And it won't use pink or blue in the departments to signal which section shoppers are headed into.  It will just be the kids' bedding section, for example, and the kids' toy section.

What do you think?  About time?  A good idea?  Don't care one way or another?

It may be a section for kids, but the parents are the ones who will probably notice.

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