Don't freak out... But get ready to have the Boise Boys turn your house into a KINGDOM!

Totally regretting the decision to "rent for a year" when we moved here cause the Boise Boys have announced a new show for people who are growing out of their house, but don't necessarily want to move.

According to the casting website, "A major television network and High Noon Entertainment are casting FAMILIES in Boise, Idaho who are currently living in cramped, outdated or dysfunctional houses. If you are part of a newly-blended family, your kids haven’t flown the nest, or you’ve just started to grow too fast, Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell are ready to create a beautiful, functional and perfectly personalized renovation designed for every member of your family."

Could you imagine having these guys handle your remodel??? Talk about life goals! I don't qualify having a rental but you should definitely put your name in the hat so we can see you on TV!

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