Are you a fairweather soccer fan?  I'll admit it.  I am.

I got really into the World Cup in 2006, and I watched again in 2010, and I'm trying to catch it now whenever I have some down time.  And I love it!  But I'll fairweather myself in another few weeks and quit watching soccer I'm sure.  Why do we do that?  The world is super-passionate about soccer, and that's fun to see.  Soccer unites people.

ESPN says Sunday's soccer match between the US and Portugal was the most non-football telecast ever.  That's ironic, because most of the world calls soccer "football."

Sunday's US-Portugal match was watched by over 18 million people, according to ESPN, and peaked with 22 million viewers at one point.  ESPN also says more people are watching this year's World Cup than watched in 2006 and 2010, so soccer-watching is trending up.

The next US Match is coming up Thursday at 10am our time on ESPN.  They'll take on Germany.  Watching at work?  Yep!

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