My Daughter is A Hoarder… Maybe I am Too
My daughter is a hoarder and I don't know what to do about it. She's 11-years-old and every time I try to throw away a piece of paper, or the cupcakes she made a week ago, or some McDonald's toy from 3 years ago, she has a total meltdown. Did she get this from me? My boyfriend says &q…
Idaho Humane Society Rescued 77 Cats from a Hoarder
Twenty cats were found crammed into the bathroom of a Treasure Valley motel room in July, and seventy-seven were rescued in all. Charges are pending against the woman accused of hoarding, and the cats are being nursed back to health and are almost ready for adoption.
The Follow Up to OPP
After today's OPP about hoarding, I had an urge to clean! The studio looks clean because everything is shoved into my desk. Watch as I purge the junk!