Being green not only keeps us healthier, but the experts say it can be good for the economy too because it keeps us efficient with dollars and creates new sets of jobs across a whole bunch of different industries.  And once again, Boise is one of the best places in the country for this greatness.

Wallethub looked at things like greenhouse-gas emissions per capita, smart-energy policies and initiatives, green job opportunities, how we use solar energy, and other factors to come up with its list of green cities, and they've got Boise at #29.

Portland ranked #9 on the list of the Greenest Cities in America, and Seattle was 11th.  San Francisco was #1, and several other California cities landed in the top 10.  Overall, the West is a whole lot greener than the East, with Washington DC the only eastern city in the top ten.

If you've got solar panels on your house, you're saving energy AND contributing to a booming industry.  The solar industry alone created jobs nearly 20 times faster than the national rate in 2015, and researchers think generating energy from renewable sources will continue to spin out new jobs over the coming years.

Even the things that seem small -- like recycling that one lil ole plastic bottle -- has a big impact.  It all helps make Boise a green city.  (If we forget and toss a recyclable into the regular trash, some of us might even have kids that will dig it out and put it in the right bin. Boise has some green kids for sure.)

Riding bikes and supporting farmers markets are other things that keep us on the green list, so high five yourself for being part of that.  You too, Meridian, and Eagle, and Nampa, and everybody.  We're all proof that when we put our minds together, it is kinda easy being green.

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