This is no good reason for something like this to happen. This morning 55-year old Jeffrey Dale Hines was arrested and is facing felony charges for ramming his truck through a security gate and into the side of the Ada County Jail.

The felony charges are for injury to a jail and malicious injury to property. The gate and part of the building (a jail warehouse) were badly damaged in the crash.

As first reported by KTVB, a witness saw Hines pull a U-turn on Cole Road just after 5 a.m. then drive across the lawn next to the Ada County Sheriff's Office and crash through the gate to the back parking lot.

Hines then drove through the parking lot before ramming his truck into the jail warehouse door. As that point Hines got out of the truck entered the warehouse where he was quickly arrested.

For safety reasons the jail was placed on lock down and a Boise K-9 bomb-sniffing dog was called to make sure nothing was left behind. No explosives or contraband were found during the search.

After being interviewed officers still have no idea why he would do something like this, he appears to have no connections with anyone in custody.

There was no permanent damage done to the jail and Hines wasn't injured in the crash. He will make his first court appearance tomorrow afternoon. Hines could face up to five years in prison for each charge he faces.

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