Police have arrested a suspect, 45-year-old Troy T. Hinkle of Boise, in a string of burglaries, including many on the annual Parade of Homes.

During the past month, Caldwell police have been investigating burglaries at new-construction homes, and yesterday, officers found evidence that led them to a potential suspect. Police found a Walmart receipt that Hinkle dropped in one of the homes that had his debit card information on it which led them to his home.

When police searched his home in Caldwell, they found a firearm, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and property stolen in the Parade of Homes burglaries.

This isn't the first time that Hinkle has been arrested, in 2013 he was arrested after police found explosives in his home. (story HERE) He has also been arrested on multiple counts of fraud and grand theft.

If you have been a victim of a recent residential burglary, you're asked to call  Sgt. Chris Finley of the Caldwell Police Property Crimes division at 208-455-4574 to set up a time to potentially identify your stolen property.

This is another example of "see something, say something". If something doesn't look right, it doesn't hurt to mention it. It may be a small piece of information that could help lead police to an arrest.


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